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Cable Television Products

Cable Television (CATV) systems are designed to support broadcast TV, on-demand video, and high-speed internet access. Megladon’s products support the ever-increasing demand for internet bandwidth and HD content. Our APC terminations offer best-in-class ORL performance and all materials are carefully selected to ensure long-term reliability in a wide range of environmental conditions. We also offer couplers and splitters, distribution boxes, and WDMs designed to support high-density. Explore our full range of products for use in the Cable Television (CATV) industry below.


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Singlemode Patch Cables

Megladon Photo: SM Patch Cords

Megladon uses the highest quality raw materials to ensure every SM cable has reference grade performance. All Singlemode (SM) Patch Cables are terminated using the HLC® process, and have best in class IL and ORL, as well as GR-326 compliant geometry. We terminate all major connector and glass types, and are committed to build the highest quality cables available in the market.

LC High-Density Products

Megladon Photo: LC Products

The LC Products manufactured by Megladon are designed to support the density needs of the modern data center and telecom environments. Every cable is built from the highest quality materials from the top manufacturers in the industry, and all assemblies are factory-terminated and tested to standards beyond industry requirements.

1.2mm Singlemode Patch Cables

Megladon Photo: 1.2mm SM Patch Cords

Megladon 1.2mm Singlemode Patch Cables satisfy the needs of ultra-dense environments without compromising the physical durability of the cable. The 1.2mm cable requires 1/3 of the routing space of a typical 2.0mm cable, but without any compromise in durability and cable strength.

Singlemode Pigtails

Megladon Photo: Pigtails

Singlemode (SM) Pigtails built by Megladon allow technicians to deploy the high quality HLC® termination on existing fiber infrastructure, and ease in the field installation of new cable. Our pigtails can be built with both standard and bend insensitive fibers, and customized by connector and length to fit any application. Factory-terminated HLC pigtails elevate the performance of our customers networks.

Singlemode Trunk Cables

Megladon Photo: SM Trunk Cables

Megladon equips our Singlemode (SM) Trunk Cables with HLC® terminations, creating the most durable and reliable backbone fiber available. Premise SM Trunks are built in counts from 4 to144 fiber, with custom breakout lengths and connector types. We stock both standard and bend insensitive SM glass types. Trunks can be delivered in coils or on spools with pulling eyes attached to speed up installations.

4RU Rack Mount Distribution Panels

Megladon Photo: 4U Distribution Panel

Megladon 4RU Rack Mount Distribution Panels provide fiber patching and management using standard adapter plates in the LGX footprint. Available in slide out and fixed configurations with all common accessories for splicing and fiber management. Panels can be custom configured and preloaded with pigtails for rapid installation.

Wall Mount Fiber Enclosures

Megladon Photo: Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure

Megladon’s Wall Mount Fiber Enclosure is designed to provide a flexible transition point for interconnecting and/or splicing in wall mount applications. It has capacity for up to 2 LGX compatible adapter plates or fanout cassettes, and has included fiber entry and management features. Built from solid, powder coated steel, with dual lockable doors.

2x8CH Compact CWDM

Megladon Photo: 2X8CH Compact CWDM

The custom 2x8CH Compact CWDM was designed to support the ultra-dense CWDM needs of cell backhaul and DAS deployments. Each module contains two 8ch CWDM’s for a total potential capacity of 38 CWDM’s per 2U rack space. This level of density provides space savings and future expansion opportunities. Megladon is capable of designing custom CWDM solutions for any deployment criteria.

LGX CWDM Modules

Megladon Photo: LGX CWDM Modules

Megladon LGX CWDM Modules are custom built to support our customer’s single fiber transmission needs. We utilize all major glass types and connectors, build within the LGX footprint, and create bi-directional modules. By maximizing the quantity of CWDMs per module, we provide dense and scalable solutions  for our customers.

LGX Singlemode Splitters

Megladon Photo: SM LGX Splitters

The compact, space saving design of Megladon’s LGX Singlemode (SM) Splitters offers flexibility in FTTx and RFoG deployments. Megladon builds each splitter with superior physical and performance characteristics that have been proven reliable in a variety of field applications. Each splitter can is custom built with specified fiber and connector types, and are compatible with the LGX footprint.

Singlemode Couplers / Splitters

Megladon Photo: SM Couplers / Splitters

Megladon Singlemode (SM) Couplers / Splitters are custom built to our customers specifications. We are capable of any coupling ratio from 50:50 to 99:1, build bi-directional assemblies, and utilize our HLC® processed connectors for the lowest insertion loss performance. We build metal tube, ABS box, plastic module and LGX type assemblies with any major connector type.

Multimode Couplers / Splitters

Megladon Photo: MM Couplers / Splitters

Megladon Multimode (MM) Couplers / Splitters are custom built to our customers specifications. We are capable of any coupling ratio from 50:50 to 99:1, build bi-directional assemblies, and utilize our HLC® processed connectors for the lowest insertion loss performance. We build metal tube, ABS box, plastic module and LGX type assemblies with any major connector type.

Fiber Optic Attenuators

Megladon Fiber Optic Attenuators are used in a variety of applications where a specified amount of attenuation is required. System performance is optimized by controlling the signal power through the introduction of attenuation. Megladon’s fixed attenuators provide highly-accurate attenuation values that translate into repeatable performance.

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A global industry leader in fiber optics and your premier partner for fiber optic connectivity, Megladon has spent over a decade developing fiber optic technology and perfecting the HLC interconnect. Our patented technology and process results in a reference grade interconnect that is reliable, rugged, repeatable and provides maximum performance. With millions of our products deployed worldwide, our fiber optic technology has been proven time and again to solve many of the problems encountered in network deployment and maintenance. We have also been able to use HLC as the foundation piece to develop unique and passive fiber optic solutions for our customers.