Indoor Trunk Assemblies

Singlemode Pigtails


Singlemode (SM) Pigtails built by Megladon allow technicians to deploy the high quality HLC® termination on existing fiber infrastructure, and ease in the field installation of new cable. Our pigtails can be built with both standard and bend insensitive fibers, and customized by connector and length to fit any application. Factory-terminated HLC pigtails elevate the performance of our customers networks.

Singlemode Trunk Cables

SM Trunk Cables

Megladon equips our Singlemode (SM) Trunk Cables with HLC® terminations, creating the most durable and reliable backbone fiber available. Premise SM Trunks are built in counts from 4 to144 fiber, with custom breakout lengths and connector types. We stock both standard and bend insensitive SM glass types. Trunks can be delivered in coils or on spools with pulling eyes attached to speed up installations.

Multimode Trunk Cables

MM Trunk Cables

Megladon supports data center and building level fiber deployments with Multimode (MM) Trunk Cables. By pre-terminating MM fiber trunks with the HLC® process, we create the highest quality backbone fiber available, and future proof your network as bandwidth needs increase. We build using OM1 (62.5um), OM3 and OM4 (50um) fiber types, and all trunks are custom built to spec.

Ruggedized Cables & Trunks

Ruggedized Cables & Trunks

The Ruggedized Cables & Trunks manufactured by Megladon exceed industry standards for optical performance and durability. Every patch cable is built from the highest quality materials from the top manufacturers in the industry, and all assemblies are factory-terminated and tested to the highest industry standards, including GR-326. The rugged jacket comes in high density plastic and corrugated stainless steel, adding additional protection and crush resistance. Rugged cords can be built with all common connectors and glass types, and rugged jackets can also be used in trunk cable breakouts.

HLC® SCRATCHGUARD® Ribbon Pigtails

HLC Ribbon Pigtails

Megladon’s HLC SCRATCHGUARD Ribbon Pigtails are designed to simplify splice-in and termination of ribbon fibers or loose tube fibers that have been converted to ribbon. Each connector incorporates Megladon’s patented HLC termination process for increased scratch resistance and maximum reliability. These cables are also available in a variety of connector types with bare fiber or jacketed. Fanned out individual fibers are protected with 900 micron furcation, allowing them to be handled the same way as cabled fibers. These are ideal data center solutions when paired with high fiber count or OSP ribbon cable.